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What if our nails vanish?

What if our Nails Disappeared? Oh No. My nails are so beautiful, what will I do without them. 

Firstly, pedicures and manicures have turned into a big industry. If our nails disappeared. Customers will definitely save money but salons will be in a spot of bother. 

Secondly, if our nails disappeared, nail polish industry will have to close down. Husbands might get happy but wives will surely get angry. 

Thirdly, if our nails disappeared. People with Onychophagia. i.e. compulsive nail biting habit might get mightily disappointed. 

Fourthly, if our nails disappeared, demand for artificial nails will skyrocket. 

Fifthly, if our nails disappeared. We will need to apply protective covering to the skin which was under our nails. 

Lastly, if our nails disappeared. Our pet dogs as well as pet cats will tease us daily by showing us their nails or claws.

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