Facts About Life You Probably Don't Know

Did you know in the past 50years our life expectancy has increased more than it did in the previous two hundred thousand years of existence?

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It's pretty impressive and to make it even better, every year our life expectancy increases by three months...go medicine!In our lifetime our skin is going to replace itself more than 900 times!According to time.com small consistent accomplishments help us feel more satisfied with our lives than having just a few major accomplishments.

People who have friends can expect to live 3.7 years longer than people who stay isolated most of the time. Who knew? Looks like I need to go out and make some friends.Sitting down for more than three hours per day can shave at least two years off your life expectancy.

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As a human,depending on the state of your health when you first start going through it,you can survive up to two months without eating food. You're not gonna look very hot but at least you'll make it through it.

Sleep on the other hand, you're only gonna make it about 11 days. This one is crazy, two-thirds of all of the people who have ever lived to be sixty-five years old are alive right now. One out of every five Americans that are alive right now believe that the world's gonna come to an end sometime in their life time.

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I'm guessing it's probably the people that watch the news all the time but the world's been around for a really longtime and I'm guessing it's probably a really good chance that the world's not going anywhere for a while.

If you're a smoker, every cigarette you smoke reduces your life expectancy by 11 minutes so if you want a bunch of extra minutes then now's probably a great time to stop. Three months of your life is going to be spent sitting on the toilet... of course you know some more than others.

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