10 amazing facts about you?

Did you know that there are seven cotillion atoms in your body if you're an adult? That's a seven followed by 27 zeros. You have about a hundred thousand miles or a hundred and sixty-five thousand kilometres of blood vessels in your body.

The circumference of the entire planet Earth is just a little bit under 25,000 miles just to give you an idea of how far a hundred thousand miles is.

You produce so much saliva in your lifetime that you could fill two swimming pools with it... that's pretty gross.

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The strongest muscle in your entire body is your jaw muscle and real quick, let me know in the comments down below any facts that you know about the human body.

Your ears and nose are never gonna stop growing, that's why old people have big ears and big noses.

This one's pretty interesting, you have a unique tongue print just like you have a unique fingerprint. Who knew? 

If your eyes are blue then chances are you have a higher tolerance for alcohol and if you don't have blue eyes then chances are you probably shouldn't play drinking games with people who do have blue eyes. 10% of your waking hours are spent with your eyes closed it's because we're blinking.

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If I had a device to uncoil the DNA in your cells they would stretch ten billion miles! That would get you all the way to Pluto and back in you would still have plenty of miles to spare, you know, in case you want to go to the moon or something.

And for the record, I'm mentioning this just because I had a conversation with somebody about this the other day, the heart is in the middle of your chest not over to the left. 

So now you know! It would be very cool of you to share this article with other humans that you may know, and as always thank you so much for reading. I'll see you next time!

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